My Movement is Greater Than This Moment!

If you're tired of being stuck, in a rut, but never giving up, this phrase is for you! You know your present state isn't your permanent, and this moment propels your movement! The owner of this design says, I know you see me, but you're about to see who I am meant to be!

Don't let your confidence be overshadowed by those who refuse to understand, accept and embrace it! Confidence can be misunderstood, as long as you understand it, that is really all that matters!

Bully's prey on people who don't show their confidence. Be energised, empowered, and enriched as you show the bullies your shield of confidence and self-esteem! Great for confident teens, kids, adults, and all in between!

Confidence is Trending and you should to! This line helps define and supercharges your superpower! Confidence is your Superpower, Let's help others find theirs!